Is Gemini Missing Good CMSes?

Thinking more about Bubble and the conversations surrounding it. One of the really nice things about Bubble, outside of the community stuff, is how you can nicely draft a post., the main Bubble instance

On my own personal capsule I have a couple of workflows to update content. The most normal one is that I use rclone to sync files to an S3 bucket. My server reads from that bucket. This works really nicely overall.


But what happens if I want to add a post from my phone? I technical can still achieve this workflow with the right apps, it's just a bit more work and more cumbersome.

Another thing that's more difficult is Tinylogs. I wrote a custom endpoint so that I can submit a new entry to my Tinylog. This prevents me from having to edit the log manually and allows me to do it from my phone. But stuff like replies is going to be hard to pull off this way.

So that got me thinking, a CMS would be really nice. Something that borrowed the Draft idea from Bubble and allowed you to edit your content directly from an admin panel. It could also support Tinylogs as a native format and provide nice ways to add new entries and reply to external entries.

In a way this seems really obvious. Of course, CMSes are normal for websites, why wouldn't they be in Gemini? Well, for one, Gemini makes it easy to do the basics without a CMS, which is great. But to get maximum functionality out of it, and to make it easy to use *anywhere*, a CMS can still be very helpful.

Maybe a future project of mine will be to morph my existing custom server into a more generalized CMS.