What is GoToSocial

If, like me, you're just joining in on Mastodon and the fediverse coming from the great Twitter migration, you might be confused about the difference between Mastodon and the various specs and other related, but seemingly different apps.

One such app is GoToSocial. As I've been playing around GoToSocial recently and plan on writing up on some of my experiences, I thought it would be good to start off with an introductory post.

GoToSocial docs site

Note that I am a newbie here. I've only gotten into this stuff the last couple of weeks. Don't read this post as definitive. It's intended for someone who's new to this world, as I am myself.

Mastodon vs. the fediverse

In order to understand what GoToSocial is, and where it stands in the fediverse, it's first important to understand what the different layers are. This is roughly my understanding:

Why Use GoToSocial

There are a few reasons to be interested in GoToSocial and potentially want to use it as a substitute for Mastodon:

Why Not Use GoToSocial

Despite all of the reasons above, there are lots of reasons not to use GoToSocial, or at least to wait.